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4 Languages to Develop Apps and Sites!

Today we are going to know some languages ​​to develop apps and sites.

As technology is constantly evolving, in the last decade the number of programming languages ​​has increased significantly, many of them are used for the development application and sites. Today we choose the most common ones, then you can develop planning and creation of your website or application for business or services.

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1 – Java


Java is a language known worldwide, for its functionality as it can be used on different types of platforms, in addition, it has many high-level resources.

It is possible to use Java for several functionalities, including application development, back-end programming and creation of websites and digital games.

Java has several features that differentiate it from other programming languages, for example, Java is platform-independent, this means that it can be used in any Operational System without problems. The proposition is to make it a world-known language and provides many developers learning programming in a more dynamic way.

2 – Python

Python is considered one of the main programming languages ​​aimed at data analysis and it is considered one of the easiest languages ​​to learn.

Python makes it possible for developers to work with significant amounts of data and information, along with the option of analyzing data, developing and creating applications. Because it, is an easy and dynamic language, Python has a lot of positive aspects.

With Phyton it is possible to create front-end or back-end sites. Front-end is the direct interaction between the user and the application, whereas the back-end is the entire infrastructure presented by each system.

There are some other important features to remember about Phyton:

  • Lower use of special characters, which makes the language very similar to executable pseudo-code;
  • The use of indentation to mark blocks;
  • Almost no use of keywords for compilation;
  • Garbage collector to automatically manage memory usage; etc.

Access Python

3 – Swift

Everyone can code

The programming language Swift was developed by Apple, is considered one of the most recent in the programming languages Market. The tool allows work with graphical data analysis functions, it is considered one of the most secure programming language, because it has a function to correct existing errors, with the purpose of reducing virtual invasions.

The Swift language has several innovations, mainly for creating constants and variables.

It makes it possible to create variables with special characters including their content, this makes it possible to name a variable with another different character, it also brings several innovations in the way of implementation, such as the possibility of implementing Generics, which allows creating more flexible codes.

Swift is an open-source programming language, it means that to develop an application or learn about the tool, the developers or the students need only to have an Apache 2.0 license. In addition, Apple has created a community dedicated to those interested in Swift language and development of applications, then they can share information and contribute with ideas in the source code.

Access Apple Swift


It is one of the programming languages ​​to develop apps and sites well known and used by many developers, it has many points in common with the C language. In addition, PHP supports a database program, is flexible and allows object orientation.

PHP is a scripting language and can often be associated with HTML.

The connection between PHP and HTML happens when the developer inserts PHP code into an HTML script, so everything comes into play when both codes are executed.

PHP is a free and open-source language. All modifications that are created in PHP must remain open so that developers can constantly improve and improve.

PHP can be used with Linux and MySQL which are also Open Source.

php hello world

Access PHP

If you have identified with some language or want to take the opportunity to create an App, get in touch with us, we have an incredible team of developers who can contribute with the development of your new application.