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5G and Its Influence on Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)

Klaudia Sicińska, 01.09.2020

5G and Its Influence on Mobile Applications (Android and iOS)

First, let’s start with the explanation of who invented 5G and what it is. 

5G does not belong to one company, actually several companies are involved in the development of this new generation mobile technology. Thanks to it, the connection will be more stable and much faster. So far, the average data transfer rate was about 10Mb/s and it is expected to increase to 100Mb/s. Moreover, the data download rate will increase up to 20Gb/s. It is going to provide its users much lower latency, enormous capacity and more steady service for users. It is a wireless network that will revolutionise the functionality of IoT through better connectivity.


So why and how is it going to affect Android and iOS applications?

It is a thrilling moment for businesses that create mobile apps because they will benefit from it. Proficiency of the apps is an issue, the Internet must work impeccable, so as not to let people down. Therefore, thanks to the new technology, there will be no such fear anymore because the network will be strengthened and improved.


There are 10 pros listed below that will affect mobile apps.

  1. Applications themselves will load instantly.
  2. Faster data transfer will allow for extremely fast and smooth data streaming. Thanks to such quick devices connection, there will be no possibility for any delays, so the functionality of apps will improve significantly.
  3. The interface will be much more intelligible for users.
  4. More navigation applications will be created, which will improve the tourism industry.
  5. All applications related to 3D graphics will develop more and more in all industries.
  6. Combining applications will be used not only in business, but also in everyday life.
  7. Large file transfers will not be a problem anymore.
  8. More and more applications will be cloud-based.
  9. General improvement of video streaming.
  10.  VR-related ads will appear more frequently instead of annoying pictorial ads.

Of course, not everything is so simple and there is no way to skip the obstacles that will appear, for example, the problem related to data protection and the overall security of users. They will disconnect from the Internet even less often, so it will be important to create a structure that will allow to the full use of new technology, as well as, create applications for all available networks, not only 5G.

In reference to IoT, i.e. the Internet of Things, used in many areas like Smart Cities, industrial settings or Smart Building, incredibly strongly connected to connecting many devices at the same time, it will be crucial moment, due to better bandwidth, no delays and extremely fast speeds that play a key role.

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In summary, the speed of transferring data, insignificant delays and improved bandwidth will significantly affect mobile applications. AR, VR and MR which stand for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, will not be a problem for 5G. At the moment they are quite a challenge due to the amount of data they process.

It will be a revolution in the world of programmers and enormously bigger comfort for users. If the application does not lag and works efficiently, it results in user’s satisfaction, and that is what this is all about, isn’t it?


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