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Benefits of Responsive Sites

Today we will share with you some benefits of responsive sites.

A responsive website has many advantages and can greatly improve the number of visitors, in addition to allowing the user more quality in browsing the page.

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Digital Transformation

When a website is responsive it has a design that adapts to the devices, making the browsing experience much better, for SEO purposes for example, in search sites like Google and Bing, there is an increase in ranking.

If you have not analyzed if your company or your business’s website is responsive, we’ve separated some important tips to help you on this.

What is a responsive website?

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According to recent research, many searches done on Google are coming from cell phones and smartphones, this means that a large part of the people who can access websites of products or services are doing this through the cell phone.

In addition, since 2018, a new Google update aimed to benefit sites that were responsive in its ranking system, the purpose is to provide to the users better experience with higher quality.

That is why the importance of investing in creating responsive sites, this allows your site to be found by your customers.

Responsive sites have unique characteristics and can be easily detected, the benefits of responsive sites are:

  • Layout adjustable to all devices (computers, tablets and cell phones)
  • Adjustable texts
  • Adjustable images
  • Maintaining reading quality and display quality
  • Ensuring a better user experience for any device

Differences between responsive and non-responsive sites

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Non-responsive sites when accessed from cell phones or tablets have the format called mobile templates, which are the computer version, but in a reduced format.

However, as mobile phone accesses increase, many companies have started to develop ways to make websites responsive to provide better browsing quality and better user experience within the site.

A responsive website, as explained above, is one that adapts to any screen size. It has the same programming that can be adjusted on any device.

A mobile template is equivalent to the second version of a company’s website, a version developed exclusively for mobile devices.

Creating a website with a responsive designer is better than creating two versions of the same website, one for mobile phones and the other for computers.

Platforms like WordPress for example, provide the creation of websites in a responsive format.

Benefits of having a responsive website

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1 – Quality of navigation

A responsive website will enable visitors to have greater quality and ease of navigation. In addition, the images, texts and buttons will be in an adaptable size, allowing more agility in all the activities that the user does within the site.

Responsive websites are indispensable, especially if there are forms that need to be filled out by people because it can be easier and safer for the user.

2 – Less rejection in search engines

When a website is responsive it loads faster, the images do not lose quality and the reading becomes more dynamic.

Search engines like Google and Bing benefit responsive sites, which means the better the site is, the more likely it is to be found by people.

In another case, if people enter in the site and then leave, the search engines interpret that the site has no relevance if the page does not load or the images are blurred or out of place, it also interferes with the rejection of the site by search engines.

3 – Higher loading speed

Users do not like to wait for a page to load, because of this, search engines recommend that the content of the site should be available in less than 2 seconds. Sites that are developed for computers usually take more than 2 seconds to load, this can affect the ranking of the site and in addition, the users can not wait for loading and can leave before.

Responsive sites are easy to load, regardless of whether they are being accessed from mobile phones, tablets or computers.

4 – More chances of sales

In recent years, along with the growth in internet access, the number of online purchases has grown.

However, many people use cell phones to make purchases, so if the site is responsive, loads quickly and has navigation quality, the chances of the user finding the site, researching what they want and finalizing a purchase are much greater.

For those who have e-commerce, it is the best way to be found and make more sales with a responsive and fast website.

If you want to increase the quality of your site or have the opportunity to create an App, get in touch with us, we have an incredible team of developers who can contribute with the development of your new application or website creation.