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Content Marketing Effective Ideas for Small Businesses

Klaudia Sicińska 17.08.2020

Content Marketing Effective Ideas for Small Businesses

Today we will talk about content marketing. Let’s explain what this concept means and then analyse some examples for effective actions.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy based on creating content that is primarily valuable, but also attractive. These actions are connected with so called AIDA (which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). From catching people’s attention, to seeing visible results that are generating profit.

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The first and the easiest point will be writing, for example, articles or blogs closely related to a specific industry, which will be of interest to a specific audience. In order for new users to stay longer, your content should be up-to-date, so that the content can be used in current times.

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The infographic is the next position on our list. In this case, you can display data and various types of information with the help of fascinating graphics, thanks to which it is easier to understand complex issues.

Create series. It does not matter how long it will be, what is more important, is that they arouse curiosity. By being systematic, you have the opportunity to collect feedback from people, and they appreciate it when you listen to and interact with them.

Convey the knowledge you have to the others, it is always positively taken, so you can think of recommending some authors, articles and creating lists of things that influence people in a good way, as well as, a bad way. Consider doing a collaboration with specialists from particular fields, this will be good for both sides, having more recipients is going to be inevitable.

Share your activities and also of others that you consider valuable everywhere. Do not be afraid of showing interesting content, which is not yours, on the Internet. In order to make it more attractive, you can present your products or content in an atypical way. People are finding new functions for your products that are far away from the original idea, so experiment.

You should be aware of the fact that even though your company is a serious case for you, we all need some good sense of humour. What can you do, then? Create funny posts, mems or reveal a “secret”. Do not forget that people love receiving things for free, so think about what you could offer that later on would bring you even more profit.

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Interviews, podcasts and videos are willingly being watched by everyone. If a person is interested in a topic or people taking part, for sure they would stop for a moment to see if you have something wise or entertaining to say. Such action will make you more recognisable and will bring you more people.

The above-mentioned methods are only a few of all existing ones, so as you can see, you have a lot of different possibilities that are worth testing and implementing those that work best for our company.


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