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How to Get Impressive Results with the Best Design Thinking Tools

Have you ever hear about Design Thinking?

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Every company seeks ways to improve its results and streamline the production process, leaving the customer satisfied with what is delivered.

However, many tools, instead of helping in this process, end up getting companies lost in the way, due to their complexity… but finally, one good option is in focus in the last years, and we want to share it with you.

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If you want to learn how to solve the big challenges that arise for your company in a smart and tested way, Design Thinking Tools are ideal for that.

One of the proposals of the tools is empathy, collaboration, and new experiences, seeking in the situations present in the daily life of the company new points of view and perspectives to solve problems in less time with greater results.

How You Can Apply Design Thinking?

You can use Design Thinking to solve problems that arise in the areas of creation/development of products and services. Some of the features are research, meetings, selection of ideas, prototypes and testing.

Many companies fail to build a profitable business because of the outdated mentality and fixation on old standards that do not work in liquid times, wherein nowadays the information becomes obsolete.

If you are seeking to change the scenario of your company or startup, we have separated some great tools that you can use to build your first Design Thinking and create better and more profitable results.

The sequence of the Design Thinking Process

1 – Empathize

Empathy is a virtue, with it we can put ourselves in the other’s shoes. Both your team and client.

In this phase of Design Thinking, it is a decisive step, where research takes place, to understand what people think, feel, prefer and find the main focus of the biggest problem to be solved by what your company is offering.

For example, if you have an app development company, in this case, you can do a survey, meetings with potential clients and admirers of your services, this would help you collect data to offer what clients need to solve their most important problems.

Empathize Tools

Typeform – A brilliant tool for creating online forms and surveys. One of the features of the forms is the dynamics based on the user’s needs. It is used by major brands like Apple, Uber, and Airbnb.

Zoom – Is an online meeting tool, intending to connect users in different ways through video conferences, meetings, chats, and collaborations.

2 – Define

The definition is very important to be able to see points and patterns that are repeated in the data you collected in your survey.

When you find common points, needs, problems, and pains between the interviewees and the public of your company, survey ideas to solve these problems, always aiming at a lower cost and greater benefit.

Define Tools

Smaply – Is a tool for you to map the customer’s needs, containing ways to describe your customer’s greatest insights.

MakeMyPersona – Is a tool that helps you to build the ideal persona for the target audience.

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3 – Ideate

This section is one of the most important moments to put the masterminds of your teams in contact because with new ideas is greater the chances of a new solution.

Provide an atmosphere with free sharing ideas, where everyone feels good and the intention is to expose their points of view, always aiming at creating better products, services at the lowest cost and highest quality and perceived value for the end customer.

Ideate Tools

Stormboard – Is a tool to make your meetings, projects and conversations more productive, where everything can be added clearly and intelligently.

IdeaFlip – Is a tool to organize, redefine and share ideas, where everyone can understand and contribute.

4 – Prototype

After completing all the previous processes, now is the time to select the most viable ideas and create a product or service prototype. In this section, you have a more accurate metric of what works and what is not viable, without spending extra time and money.

It is interesting to consider all impacts, observations, and perspectives, because it will help the creation of a final product or service.

There are several forms of application, for example, if your company is in the area of ​​Information Technology, you could create a landing page with all the attributes that the company offers, then see with the team what they thought of the ideas.

Prototype Tools

Boords – is an online storyboard, where you can view scripts and animations and structure your ideas in a prototype.

Mockingbird – is a tool to drag and drop your ideas, thus improving your visibility and understanding of the creation process.

5 – Test

This step is to test all the functionalities of your project, effectively, looking for data that prove that your solution meets the needs of your client.

One interesting point is to think about the customer experience, when having contact with your product or service, to be sure if your message is being conveyed clearly and intelligently.

At this stage, your prototype is ready and functioning, ready to be demonstrated, but tests can be done as many times as necessary to improve the result of the product, service and customer experience.

Test Tools

HotJar – Is a tool to make easy the analysis of data and metrics of your project.

PingPong – This is a tool for testing remotely, has several features, including recruitment and payment.

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Extra Tip: Ideas to Implement

Implementation requires the responsibility of all involved and monitoring of the process, so if there are changes to be made, they occur with maximum efficiency.

Implement Tools

Sprintbase – is a tool to facilitate processes and improve the optimization of project execution.

InVision – is a tool to create digital products, flows, and collaborations.

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