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Digital Transformation

Have you ever think what is digital transformation?

In recent years, many companies and businesses are undergoing a major digital transformation.

Digital Transformation is known for the way of restructuring a business style or activities of a company, considering the availability and access to digital technology.

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A big change with huge impact requires a lot of planning, organization and company agreement for new technologies to be implemented and the change happens.

One of the advantages that most inspires entrepreneurs is competitiveness and a better experience for the end customer.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Technology is advancing and companies that are adapting to it are much more likely to gain visibility and credibility among their customers.

The future is uncertain, very competitive and very challenging for everyone who has companies or businesses, because of these factors, the sooner companies plan, structure and start developing new capabilities to adapt to Digital Transformation, the more time they gain, in addition they gain visibility for innovation.

Major changes in processes, planning and production, start with major changes in mentality and cultural adequacy of the team members of the company.

A cultural change and a new vision for the future implies novelty in the general structure of the company.

Useful Tool for Digital Transformation

Design thinking tool 1

There are several tools that were developed precisely to encourage companies and teams to manage changes and solve problems creatively.

One of the most interesting tools is Design Thining, whose main objective is the development and prototyping of products or services before they are placed on the Market, it is a possible solution for those who want better data and more quality and all adjustments made before the product reaches the final customer.

In addition, it is possible to structure all areas that need to be remodeled in the company, making it more innovative and sustainable.

New Technologies and Implementation

With the implementation of digital transformation in the company, technologies are essential to make the company more agile, more focused on the customer and generating fewer costs and environmental impacts.

Still in the planning, it is interesting to analyze which technologies will be needed, to know them one by one and to see which ones will be essential for the new production process or business activities.


All companies that really want to make a Digital Transformation with new technologies, Cloudification is indispensable.

With this technology, it is possible to distribute databases, software, storage and other services through shared servers connected by the internet.

The cloudification system provides a much easier and faster storage of files and enables more practical and efficient management.

Social Media

Social Media

Social Media are excellent forms of Digital Transformation, as this brings a closeness between the company and the customer.

The most used social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, however many companies are implementing more direct contact through chats like WhatsApp, Telegram and Messenger.

Instagram, for example, has the option of placing products to be sold within the platform, where the company that needed a virtual store can only rely on the option of “Shop” within Instagram.



Today people spend most of their time on their cell phones, where they can do most of their daily tasks through apps, like paying bills, ordering food, buying utensils for home.

Therefore, for the Digital Transformation to happen is necessary to take mobility into consideration, making available, for example, responsive websites, applications for stock control, applications for making payments and applications for products delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

As we mentioned earlier, people stay connected much longer, buy more things online, they are digital customers. Because of this, it is not always possible to really know the profile of customers who arrive at the websites and applications of each company, so it is very important to provide experiences that are personalized for the people who access the website and the application,  than each customer can choose what they want according with their profile, with this is possible to create one data base with most common preferences and then,  advertising and marketing must take into account this requirements of people who consume certain products and services, such as location, interests and related purchases and offer to them.

The more the company knows the customer’s needs and structures all of this data in an organized database, the better the directions will be and thus more potential clients will have access to the content offered.

If you have identified with the Digital Transformation or want to take the opportunity to innovate your business or services, get in touch with us, we have an incredible team of developers who can contribute with the development of digital transformation for your business.