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how to debate ideas 03

How to Debate Ideas Productively at Work?

how to debate ideas 03

Do you know debate ideas at work?

Every day it is necessary to make a decision, either to create a new project, to improve an existing process or to put into practice new strategies.

For better ideas appear in these situations,  is necessary the participants involved with the main objective in focus, but what happens most of the time? the shame of exposing themselves, fear of having an idea refused, lack of courage to have a different opinion from colleagues.

Understand that whenever there are different ideas, is where new perspectives are born and grow. When there is a discord of points of view, this can contribute to better results.

Do not associate the difference of thought with abuse of power or insults. In order, everybody can express themselves in a polite way,  aligned with the greatest benefit for all and not the defense of their own ego.

Let’s share some ways to debate ideas in a productive way at work!

1- Do not avoid those who disagree with you

Every time you looking to be supported by people who agree with your ideas, you start to build a false self-confidence, which does not allow you to see new points of view and then it leaves you stuck within a single paradigm. The big problem in avoiding people who disagree with you is your lack of confidence in defending your ideas and fear of rejection.

At work, expose your ideas, even if not everyone agrees, because the more you do this, the more your self-confidence increases and your fear of criticism and discord also, in addition, you will have the opportunity to see more solutions to the same thing.

2- Let your creativity flow

When you trust yourself and what you do, you automatically enter a state of flow, where you expose your ideas without fear of being refused.

Creativity is born when we are willing to give our best, to express what we have to offer. Creativity has creation as its greatest source, so don’t be afraid to share what you believe to be the best option for the situation.

3- Don’t seek to be right, seek the best for everyone

Many problems happens to exposing ideas because people, most of the time, focus more on being right, on defending their egos, they forget the bigger goal and that everyone is there for a single purpose: to generate results and add value to the final customer.

A strong ego is tamed by the light of consciousness, where you carry of you, others and you do not want to be right all the time, you understand that if someone see something better, ir could be applied without any resentments.

Learning to listen opinions and grow with them also makes you a more flexible and expanded person in all areas of your life, so your ideas will have much more value because, in addition to exposing, you know how to understand others.

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4- Know how to get in and out of challenging situations

If you got into a challenging situation, you don’t need to make enemies or be quiet so you don’t have to, you can perfectly be kind, disagree with empathy and not cancel yourself to please everyone.

Every challenging situation makes people more apprehensive and anxious, just as you are looking for solutions, so are others, each in their own way. Knowing how to get in and out of these situations, allowing your respect and empathy to prevail, will greatly improve your contact with the team.

I hope these ideas help you to create a more harmonious and empathic work environment, where everyone is free to expose their ideas and contribute to better execution of projects.