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How to Enhance Social Media Through Graphic Designs?

Klaudia Sicińska, 24.08.2020

How to Enhance Social Media Through Graphic Designs?

You probably already know that each of us has various strengths in learning and also everyone is perceiving the world differently. Although, for some people sight is the strongest receptor, it does not change the fact that we are all visualisers and we pay attention to visual effects. That is why it is so relevant, for your social media to be distinguished by unusual graphics that will primarily attract visual people, but also arise interest among the others.

A fundamental thing is to have a goal and an idea on how to achieve it. You should ask yourself a few questions, such as what is your goal and what will be the largest target group you want to reach, so that by creating new graphics, fit into the current trends and meet the expectations of your readers.

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Starting with getting to know the theory of colors and learning how the different color combinations affect us is essential. If you have a well-defined goal and you know your target audience, it will make things much easier for you. Remember that the right color scheme is like a good song, it evokes strong emotions and makes us feel good.

The text should never be overwhelming, so focus on making it pleasant for the eye and to the point. Text is strongly connected with typography, which is extremely influential. The font you choose will make people interpret your content in a certain way. While being original, do it wisely and make your work attractive and readable.

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Balance, contrast, scale, lines and diversity are factors that have a significant impact on how we perceive the entirety of the graphics. A balance, contrast and size are attracting our eyesight to certain elements, as well as, a scale that is focusing the reader’s attention on the most important parts. All this make it easy to understand the whole concept. In addition, the layout of the lines, as well as, ingenuity are the key to success. It is worth surprising by posting, for example, behind-the-scenes or thematic graphics, charts or quotes and using all these principles.

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Finally, it is good to be consistent, organized and cohesive. Arranging everything into one interesting whole is not easy at all, but it is worth to put some effort into it because the effects will be noticeable. Obviously, not forgetting the regularity that keeps readers awaiting the day and time for a new work.


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