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Internet’s New-Generation – SpaceX and Its Starlink Satellites

Internet’s New-Generation – SpaceX and Its Starlink Satellites

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Surely most of the people have already heard about Starlink satellites. Today we are going to talk about an interesting topic that will have a huge influence on what the world of the Internet and technology will look like in the nearest future.

What does SpaceX do? What are its main goals and how will they influence the technology industries?

The SpaceX company deals with advanced rockets and spaceships, from their design, through construction, to their launch.

Currently, the company is working on developing space technologies, so that it can provide fast and reliable Internet to places where previously access was impossible, difficult or very poor.

Initially, tests are expected to begin in the northern US and Canada, but the goal is to reach the entire globe, ultimately using 12,000 thousand satellites. The satellites will be elevated to three heights: 340 km (thermosphere), 550 km (thermopause) and 1200 km (exosphere), so they will be in LEO (low-Earth orbit). Thanks to the Falcon 9 rocket company sends the Starlink satellites to the orbit, to which we have the easiest access and where it is not difficult to stay.

Of course, not everything is so simple. Some obstacles appeared on the way already, which are not easy to solve.

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First, it is a problem of space pollution. The satellites are designed in such a way that after the end of their lifespan they disintegrate within a few years, but inaccurate research arouse concern.

The second biggest problem that can affect professional astronomers is their brightness, which could significantly hinder observation. The company is not indifferent and is already working on reducing the beam, to be able to check if it is working, and in the case of failure, astronomers will be receiving information about the position of the satellites in order to minimize the impact on their work. In this case, it would be good to have an application that would provide essential information to astronomers for every hour.

Work is also underway on their frequencies at which they will operate, which are also used by astronomers to space exploration.

Each company that wants to grow and become more and more recognizable should have its own application. After the website, having an app is the next step by which you can reach even wider audience, provide users the most important information and, at the same time, increase the company’s profits. SpaceX wants to reach the entire globe with the Internet, so it will be important for the company to have contact with all users regardless of their location. Applications are also often used for analysis purposes, for example, to find out where it is worth to work on the marketing to reach more recipients.

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To sum up, the Internet, applications, websites, marketing, etc., in general, everything that is related to technology is developing at an incredibly fast pace and companies must be up to date with new products, in order not to be left behind because the competition occurs everywhere. Nowadays, the Internet has its power, so let’s hope SpaceX will achieve its goals and revolutionise the world of the Internet.


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