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Mobile App – Tactics to Enhance Conversion Rates

Mobile App – Tactics to Enhance Conversion Rates

Conversion in online marketing is strictly connected with achieving set goals by a company. The higher a conversion rate, the more successful a business is. It is so important because thanks to that you know what actions your users undertake.

One of the most desirable and visible activities is, of course, the use of the services offered by the company. In addition, it will be subscribing to the newsletter or leaving data, as well as staying on the site as long as possible, so as to read the published content or contact the company.

In the beginning, it is worth specifying the intended goal so that, when analysing the results, you can check whether it met the expectations. You can take into account purchases that were made, while when it comes to applications, the most significant point is the number of downloads.

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Moving on to the crux of the matter, below there are concrete tips listed that will surely improve your conversion rate.


Regardless of whether you are just creating a new application or you already have one, make sure that it works efficiently and that using it is pleasant. If customers notice one drawback, they can turn a blind eye to it. The second, third, etc., on the other hand, will probably result in the client resigning from your services. After all, it should not be annoying with too slow working or too frequent advertisements, but bring the joy of being innovative and trouble-free.


Track the actions of potential customers. If you have a website and you notice that a given person has visited it several times, but still has not decided on your services, be sure to try to encourage them with something interesting (at the right moment!), such as offering discounts in exchange for leaving an e-mail, to keep informing about notifications of new products.


Learn more about your clients by analysing their choices. Check carefully the numbers telling you how many people downloaded the application right after entering the website, and how many did it after checking it more carefully.

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Even if you create the best application in the world, without good marketing you can forget that it will be magically noticed because these days it is like a mere drop in the ocean. You can do this through social media, websites/blogs, advertisements displayed in the most popular media, or on sites closely related to applications. It is worth learning how to use social media because it is not that difficult to get big outreach, show what you have to offer, and encourage people to buy your product.


Make sure your app does not display ads every minute. The installation, as well as the registration process, has to be nice and fast because these two things make users “give up on it” and find other alternatives.


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