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Mobile Marketing 2020

2020 is being a year of great changes, mobile marketing and we are moving from the Information Age to the Transformation Age, mainly in the digital aspect.

With the arrival of the 5G internet, more data capacity transferring and the development of new technologies, all these advances are taking into consideration better accessibility of services via mobile phones.

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For an application to be successful in launching and downloading it must have a good marketing and dissemination campaign.

Today we’ll talk about the biggest mobile marketing trends in 2020.

Chat Bots


Instant messaging applications are increasing a lot and used by people instead of conventional calls. Today the most downloaded applications are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and recently Telegram. The most interestingly thing is these applications are not only used for informal conversations, but for communication at work and for video conferences.

As many people use these services, marketing creators have discovered a great opportunity to meet people and offer products and services.

New bots were developed precisely, then people could send messages and receive them instantly, thus increasing the chances of satisfaction and sales.

Chatbots are digital robots configured to answer people and solve questions on various topics.

Some features of chatbots:

  • Answer questions
  • Troubleshoot problems quickly
  • Provide information on specific topics
  • Direct the person to what they need

Chatbots are virtual assistants that interact logically and objectively with the largest number of people in the shortest time.

It is common in many websites and applications to use chatbots, people are becoming familiar with the service system and this is causing a major digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has brought numerous advantages and a lot of growth in mobile marketing worldwide.

One of the most important features is the tracking of the marketing funnel along with the mapping of consumer behavior.

Mobile marketing has big potential, which implies that all new technologies and all advances in technology directly impact the marketing industry, always aiming at new trends.

It is important to note that Artificial Intelligence should be used in accordance with the rules, not using data without protection or even sharing data without agreement.

Social Media


In recent years the growth of social media has been significant, the two most expressive ones are Facebook and Instagram, considered the two largest platforms on the internet, with the largest number of active users via mobile phone.

As they are free platforms, they have their own ad generation tools, which makes them ideal for mobile marketing.

The more exposure of a product or service on social media, the more customer relationship a company can have, in addition, there is the possibility of attracting new customers, with the segmentation of audiences and the development of specific ads.

Social media are a big opportunity for advertising and mobile marketing for the coming years.


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Videos are the easiest content to be consumed, as they manage to retain people’s attention and they provide greater engagement because when watching videos people like to give their opinions.

Video contents are a very good opportunity for mobile marketing, but it is always necessary to take into consideration good editing, good dynamics to express the content and content that people are able to understand, without them getting tired and moving on to another video.

Platforms such as Youtube for example, provide several mobile marketing options, the content creators are more encouraged to create and thus receive more clicks and can display more ads.

Voice Searches

Many developers work hard to develop engineering for voice research.

Some of the most common apps are Google now, Siri, Cortana and Alexa for this function.

These applications make it easier to do a search on the internet because instead of the person typing what they need,  they can say it and the application brings the result.

Many brands are making it available in voice searches because users show a lot of interest in this function. In a study that was developed by Adobe, more than 45% of the North American population use a voice assistant when doing their research on the internet.

This shows us that the future only tends to grow these features and all these services are aligned for better user experience and better exposure and sales for companies.

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