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Note-taking Applications for Every Type of Writer

Klaudia Sicińska, 15.09.2020

Note-taking Applications for Every Type of Writer

Do you like being well-organized and having everything saved, as well as easily accessible? If you like to have everything at hand, so as not to forget anything and have everything arranged the way you want it, this would be worth getting interested in note-taking applications that will make your everyday life more enjoyable.

There are several undeniable reasons why it is worth having at least one application for taking notes or various types of writing. The first such reason is ease. It is enough to reach for the phone and write down information without any obstacles.

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Flexibility is the second element that gives us the ability to access all sources. You can transfer documents, attach, reproduce and make changes, even to notes from the rest of your devices, which in case of writing on a paper would be impossible.

Such applications are really for all of us. You can make to-do lists, write down your thoughts, or if you are a writer, new ideas in a fit of inspiration.


It is considered to be one of the best app as it comes with lots of different features like note taking, making lists (with reminders). Everything (projects, plans, meetings, etc.) can be dealt with from all devices, even offline. You can create your own the most commonly used abbreviations and tags. Everything is synced across all devices, so there are no problems displaying your files.

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In this application it is possible to dictate a note and it will be saved as a note. You can share your ideas with others, and the colors, as well as, tags will help you organize all your notes. The app is synchronised with the rest of your devices and also includes a reminder function based on location, for example.


Pleasant app for taking notes, lists and saving your ideas. It has the function of syncing with other devices, regardless of the OS. What sets it apart, is the drag-and-drop feature. Tags and pins will help with overall organization.


This application allows you to take notes with a pen, stylus or finger, as well as, edit documents. Includes various page types and sizes, and a drag-and-drop functionality. You can sort your notes, import / export, create shortcuts and add comments to photos.


You can use this application in various ways, for example, as a notebook or journal. It has a sketchbook function, so you can write and draw in one place. You can write down your thoughts, mix different types of texts like handwriting or clippings from the Internet. It connects with your Office365 account, so you can sync all your devices with each other.

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It is a minimalistic application made for those who want to write whenever and wherever they want. It has a nice feature thanks to which you will never lose anything you wrote. Your text will be pleasant to read through the different spacing. There is also an option to encrypt and clear all text.

 *All above-mentioned apps are for Android (and not only)

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