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Productivity in relation to the performed work by us, means controlling the efficiency of our tasks and constantly looking for elements that can be improved. It is also connected with realising at what stage of understanding we are and no matter how good the situation is, looking for new solutions to make things better and better. Furthermore, the latest technologies that help you to stay productive, despite the many tasks and responsibilities that we have to perform, will be important factors.

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Let’s dive in straight to the point.

Each of us has had moments in our life when we know that something needs to be done no matter what. Then we also tend to lose ourselves at work and even when we know that it is hard for us to focus, we are relentlessly trying to achieve the goal. Our brain stops functioning at some point, we are distracted and nothing works. In such moments it is best to take a break. Whether it will be a few minutes to relax with closed eyes or walking for some time, all kinds of activities are good because our brain and body need new refreshing stimuli that will make our heart beat faster and we will return to work with new energy.

Create a schedule that is going to be possible to be done. If the number of tasks is long, use applications where you will have everything legible, reminders and the certainty that you will not lose your list. A good way is to start with the most difficult tasks, so as not to leave them until you are tired and unable to complete them.

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Estimate the time that you will need for each of the tasks, but before that split main goals on smaller elements. Of course, you should also put them in order depending on the priority of the task. Again, apps are going to be useful here, cause you can easily change the order when something changes on the way.

You should not even try to do several things at the same time, it is never good, but rather stressful. If you want your productivity to increase, be sure to apply this principle. You will be more effective and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have not forgotten anything.

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The final point will be checking yourself. Monitoring the amount of time spent on specific tasks will give you a new view of how you have worked so far. After some time, you will notice some dependencies and draw conclusions such as when your productivity is the highest during the day, what activities you do better at a given time of the day, you will realize what is not worth your time at all and replace it with something that will bring you much better results.


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