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Bodi is a platform to create conversational interfaces using state of the art technologies. It is one of our company platforms, which will help us to speed up the creation of chatbots and virtual assistants.



Key Tech

Laravel Framework, Angular, RESTful API.  IntelliJ plugins, Web Sockets. GIT to manage bot repositories.


Isologo Construction





The future of the conversational interfaces will be determined by their ability to learn new things from programmers or from the normal users, and this is in the core of our system.

6 Dashboard –Programming section NL Tab – 17

User Interfaces

9 Dashboard –Programming section NL Tab – 10

1 Login

2 Dashboard – Home – 1

4 Add Proyect

3 Settings

5 Dashboard –Programming section NL Tab – 57 Dashboard – Answer Open Info – 1 10 Dashboard – 2

11 Dashboard – 3


We are handling not only the integration with common chatbot canvas (Alexa, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger), but also the integration with professional platforms, from OS and browser to those platforms we use as programmers.