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Promotion of a Mobile App – Successful Tips

Klaudia Sicinska, 30.12.2020

Promotion of a Mobile App – Successful Tips

Considering the fact that there are currently over several million mobile
applications in the world, it is necessary to invest in very, very good marketing when creating a completely new or having not well-known application. It is one of the main factors that determines the position of a given application.

Even if you have a great, extraordinary mobile application, without a good
promotion, it will not have a chance to become successful because there are
appearing thousands of new applications every week.

In this article, you will get to know how to promote your application and how to maintain its popularity level in the long term.

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A website devoted to your application will not only make it credible but also
give your users the opportunity to get to know it thoroughly. If they have any doubts, a well-made website will only dispel them.

Such a website also shows the commitment and effort put into it.


The increase in the number of downloads of your application is greatly
influenced by its visibility in stores offering it.

Keywords are also a key element.

They will determine your position both in stores and in search engines. It is also worth paying attention to user ratings, it has a huge impact on the decision made by potential customers.


Social media is essential to promote basically anything, considering how much time we currently spend with our phone in hand.

Promotion on FB or IG can bring huge profits, it is worth establishing contacts with people/fun pages from the industry, as well as investing in paid advertising.


Create a promotional, memorable or crazy short video that will evoke positive emotions and people will be willing to share it with others.


Organising a promotional event is always a great promotion.

People like parties, about which they like to talk later and discuss with their friends. So, invite also celebrities from the world of technology, marketing, developers, and you will surely get more recognised.


It is also good to invest in global promotion, and thus implement, as many
languages as possible, so that everyone can use it freely.



You should also bet on promotion on YT, currently, influencers have huge
ranges and influence. It is best to collaborate with people related to your field.
Remember, before buying anything, people are checking in advance on the
Internet, to see if a particular thing is worth the money.

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