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SEO – Website Optimisation

Klaudia Sicińska, 01.10.2020

SEO – Website Optimisation

Everyone who has their own website knows the importance of optimisation. SEO (search engine optimisation) should be done in such a way that the conversion rate brings the most benefits.

In this case, optimisation is about getting traffic through various types of activities such as marketing, in order to acquire, as many customers as possible. This will make your website, also your business, perform better because it will be displayed more often in the search engine thanks to keywords.

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In this article, we will cover the basics to understand the topic because overall there are lots of them and they are quite extensive.


Keywords are important because they position your place in search engines. When creating them, you need to analyse how many people are searching for a specific word or phrase and of course the more people, the greater your reach will be. These words should be well thought out, due to the fact that your competitors will also use them, so it is worth analysing the importance of the word for the customer.


What you place on your website is analysed and on this basis it is placed in the search ranking. If your website contains high-quality materials, people will be willing to come back to it and share it with others, which will be positively perceived by the search engine.


This is an extremely important point, as most of us use phones to browse websites. If it is designed to be used with a mobile phone, your position in the ranking will jump up and the users will also be positively surprised.

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The speed at which your website loads is exceptionally significant. People do not like waiting, so if it takes longer than 3 seconds you can be prepared that most will leave your site. That is why you should take care of it at the first place.


The URL structure should be as short and concise as possible. Include the most important keyword in it and do not use underscores, because then the words will be read as one word.

Avoid using:

  • Unspecified titles
  • Too long titles
  • The same titles for several pages
  • Too general titles
  • Only keywords
  • Too many keywords
  • Unclear messages
  • Too long URL address
  • Too many subcategories in URL links
  • Ads unwanted by users
  • Strange division of the page
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