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Team Management Tools for Small Businesses

Klaudia Sicinska 13.08.2020

Team Management Tools for Small Businesses

2020 has become a question mark for the most of smaller enterprises, which is why managing should be a priority to handle this situation wisely and efficiently.

What is team management tool? Does it pay off to put your energy and money into it? Why and how does a team management tool help?

Let’s start by defining what team management is. This is taking care of a particular group of people forming a team to whom a specific task has been assigned. For the team to work efficiently, the most important goals should be taken into account in such way that the methods we are using, bring the most benefits. Clear goals help to control the project from the very beginning till it is finished, along with any modifications encountered where the teamwork plays a key role.


Not without reason, the most important values of most companies are cooperation, leadership and quality. Team management software allow larger companies, as well as smaller ones, to control work effectively, so that they do not get lost along the way because there are so many aspects to take care of. Thanks to team management tools, there is no fear that a company is not efficient and does not use its full potential.

These applications improve the team’s work and its efficiency. They allow you to combine all aspects together to have a better, more transparent overall picture. Why? Individual tools that serve for only one purpose turn out to be quite difficult and too time-consuming way to control so many aspects.

Currently, dozens of various applications are available on the market, so how to choose the right one?

One thing is certain, to find the one among all available products on the market, it is worth writing down what is needed the most and based on this, look through the list of applications. Below there are presented three examples of software that are designated for smaller enterprises, just so to see how they vary.


This app gives a possibility to manage every aspect of a project. It is easy to plan and organize activities, as well as control the budget. It helps to handle contacts and leads and it gives a visual approach to checking data. There is a free trial for 14 days.


This one helps to track updates, control changes, to avoid any kind of delay, as well as, divide work into tasks and assign them to employees. There is a clear and quick access to use a calendar, a form and a comprehensible order of performing tasks. As in Scoro, it guarantees a visual approach to checking data. There is a free 30-days trial.

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As in Scoro there is a possibility to manage projects, set clear plans and prioritise activities. Thanks to Trello you can handle all discussions and notifications. It simplifies creating lists, boards and project templates. It is free for private use with limitations, but also there is a free trial of a business class or enterprise for 14 days.

Manager’s work is not simple. You need to be up to date with all project changes, be available to each employee, so that they feel that they have support and control the work not only of the entire team, but also of the individual. That is why it does pay off to get some help in order to make your life easier.


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