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What Is PWA and Do You Need It?

Klaudia Sicińska, 23.09.2020

What Is PWA and Do You Need It?

PWA stands for a progressive web application and this is nothing more than a website working and looking like an application thanks to web technology.

These websites work in any browser that meets certain requirements. Due to the fact that it is a kind of a web application, it does not need to be installed. Such applications available on mobile devices did not work equally, the difference was visible in the speed and available functions. This has changed due to the ability to work offline both on stationary and mobile devices.

They work in the same way as regular websites, i.e. via a URL, with the difference that it feels like you are using a regular application.

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Below there are some of the benefits of progressive apps presented, including:


It is available for any user in any browser (meeting the requirements)


An application adapts to any device, regardless of size or format


It is fast and should not load for more than 3 seconds


When first loading is finished it should work impeccable, cause nothing has to be downloaded again


The application does not need to be connected to the Internet, it also works at very slow speeds


Service worker actualises an app, so it keeps users abreast of any upgrades


It is well-secured through HTTPS, so there is no possibility for any modifications


An app can be installed, so that users have very fast access to it from the home screen


The URL allows you to easily share the page

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If you would like to get to know if a given website is a PWA, it is hard to achieve unless you are a developer. However, there are couple things that may indicate it is a PWA.

You might guess that this is a PWA, the moment it is a single page. What does it mean? A page based on this technology loads only once, so when you load it first, it will not load again,  even when you switch pages, so technically you will stay on the same page. The next two ways, to find out are: checking if the site has Service Workers or checking if the URL of the site starts with https: // because a PWA works only in a secure domains.

The question is – do you need a PWA?

The answer is yes, if your website requires systematic updates, you have a certain amount of money dedicated to create an application, you do not need to be connected to mobile devices hardware or, for example, what you create is prohibited by application stores.

Plus, when you want to save, you offer free apps, and you are also able to opt out of push notifications, this is also an option for you.


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