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When You Should Start to Think of Redesigning Your App?

Klaudia Sicinska 14.08.2020

When You Should Start to Think of Redesigning Your App?

With the current speed of coming out new applications, it is incredibly difficult to stand out or stay on top. Therefore, for a new application to have a chance, it must have a captivating and eye-catching design, so that users pay attention to it because as we know, this is the first thing that attracts our sight. The same thing happens with existing applications that were initially successful, but over time, interest began to wane, which is quite natural. This is because users could get bored with its appearance and the lack of new surprising factors, thanks to which they would stick to them.

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It is worth familiarizing yourself with some signs, which indicate that this is the best time …

But before that, you have to remember, to set a goal for yourself first, answering the question what effects such an action should bring. Second, an important step is to analyse the current state of your application, as well as, your competition. Moreover, you should set certain values for your brand and get to know what is on top, what distinguishes other brands and what currently attracts the most consumers. The last step would be informing stakeholders, cause still, it requires some expenses.

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Below there are some important points, to pay attention to, and these are:

  • When creating a new project or introducing changes to the operating system, it is always worth bringing a new interface because it is the first thing that will attract users’ attention.
  • Ask your users for a feedback, check ratings and read reviews. Then, you will find out what they like and what could be changed or improved. This will allow you to reach even more recipients.
  • When making changes to an existing application, you can get lost in it and unconsciously make it not so pleasant to use anymore. If you suddenly cannot find something, and nothing indicates a major change, it causes frustration. This is the perfect time to improve the application, as well as to add new and interesting features to it.
  • If you make any visible changes for the customer in the company, you should also upgrade the application, to avoid any ambiguities.
  • Noticeable less interest, is a sign that it is time for changes that will attract both old users and those who have not had contact with your application before, all with a design that will catch attention and encouraging marketing.
  • If your app previously did not allow to easily connect to social media and you want to change that, it is a perfect idea to make the overall major changes, to be able to advertise yourself well.
  • Changing the operating system, or creating a second one, for a given application, is a great opportunity to give customers variety.
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