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Why Onboarding Process of Your Users to Your Mobile Application Is So Significant?

Klaudia Sicinska, 03.12.2020

Why Onboarding Process of Your Users to Your Mobile Application Is So Significant?

When a potential user sees an application for the first time, the most important thing is what the first impression it evokes. It is obvious that it will not always be love at first sight, but it is good to help it, so as to make it happen as often as possible. It is the first look that makes up someone’s mind whether we decide to download or purchase a given application.

What is that?
Introducing a potential user to your application is nothing more than presenting the application (with highlighting the advantages) in several screens. This is a good method to make the best impression on the user, as well as present the benefits and display what makes the application stand out.

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What is the purpose?
The most significant goal is to represent the goodness that a particular
application offers. It is also the best time for the user to register, set a password or personalise their profile, etc. This is also a good time to use the information provided by the user for later marketing purposes.

When does the app need that?
Usually, applications are very intuitive, but when you first come across a completely new application, it is good to find out about its most interesting
functions because it may happen that without an onboarding process we would not know about their existence.

Many people have their favourite apps that they use on a daily basis. The moment they would like to try something new, it may happen that the habit will take over and they will not know how to use your app. The onboarding process will make them learn a bit about it without being discouraged. As a result, the first meeting with the application itself will not be so difficult, so the chances that more people will be willing to continue using will increase.

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Types of onboarding

At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning that each of the methods shows the best advantages of the application, so that users feel like learning more. There are several types, namely Function-Oriented, Progressive and Benefits-Oriented Onboarding.


It presents the functionality of a given application with a few slides. It helps you understand how it works and how to start using it.


This is a different type of introduction, as the information is passed on to the user gradually while they use the application. Before using each new function, an instruction is displayed explaining its idea of working.


This method shows the user what benefits it will bring them. The slides are short and concise, displaying what the application does, in contrast to Function-Oriented.

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