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Maximum Productive Strategy – 4 Proven Ways to Deal with Procrastination Working From Home!

This is no longer an ordinary article about working from home that you read and think: “Oh that I already knew about it ”.
This article is to make you think, make you understand why you procrastinate and why your level of anxiety and stress increases, as your activities increase.

If you want to learn to use your most precious asset, your ATTENTION, in your favor, then keep an eye until the end of this article, where are these 4 strategic tips that I have prepared for you.

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After the huge impact caused by the mass isolation, many professionals were invited to work from home, with this, the productivity indexes are at great risk of oscillating to the negative.
Distractions, interruptions, calls, baby crying, small events are full opportunities to distract all those who need to continue their activities at home.

Many people procrastinate and don’t even realize, because they are so immersed in unconscious patterns that it sabotages productivity, especially when they are working from home.
Many unconscious impulses like staying on social media, watching television, reading e-mails, take much more time than we can imagine. What was supposed to be 10 minutes, turns out to be 45 to 1 hour.

By the way… What is Procrastination?

The etymology of the word means “forward to the next day”

According to psychological point of view, is the pleasure, principle cause of procrastination, because sometimes people don’t feel confident in dealing with the tasks, and they start to avoid this, for don’t feel stressed with some situation, but this attitude makes the stress increase when the due date for the project is close.

Now I’m going to give you 4 ways to deal with procrastination by working from home. I can already guarantee that if you are waiting for a “cake recipe”, this is not what you will find, I want to show you concrete ways that can impact your productivity and improve your results.

1- Set a Daily Goal


From today, if you want to beat procrastination working from home, start creating daily goals, stipulate a logical sequence of tasks to be developed, something that is very complex seen in the big picture, can become something simple, when divided into small tasks.

For example: imagine that during your day you have two meetings in the morning, and some operational activities after lunch, instead of having the meetings and start procrastinating and postponing the operational activities, divide this into smaller steps, starting always for the most important, it will give you more freedom and lightness throughout your day.

2 – Be Aware of Unconsciousness Impulses


Instinctive impulses are also strong allies of procrastination, because they are already automatic in your mind, you don’t even notice them, just repeat, repeat and very rarely realize their existence.
An instinctive will is associated with your instincts of pleasure, pain, classical conditioning, hunger, reproduction.
Once you become aware of these impulses, they begin to lose strength and you begin to gain more freedom to work and produce at home.

For example: if you are in the middle of a project, then an instinctive impulse to feel pleasure arises, you will look at this, that give you pleasure, such as looking at your cell phone, staying on social networks, starting a conversation with a friend and at this moment your attention begins to be drained to supply this will and this impulse, which will take up a large part of your day, is good reminder, that they are, most of the time, unconscious, but if any time you feel like doing something motived only for this impulses, will, activates of any of the instincts mentioned, be aware of it and direct your focus to what you want, it will weaken those instincts and you will retake the power of your life.

3 – Mastering the Thought Process

Recent research shows that we have more than 70,000 thoughts every day, so you can say that it is impossible to control thought by thought because it would drain a lot of your attention and it would not be such an effective measure.
If you can’t control one by one, how about mastering the mental process? Letting go only thoughts that are not aligned with your projects and goals, both weekly and monthly.

For example: if you have an activity to complete until the weekend, instead of letting your mind embark on negative thoughts that it will lead you against doing this activity, how about directing your entire focus to the success of that activity?
Always stipulate in advance the results that you want, do not be afraid to aim for satisfactory results, the more you reinforce this type of thinking pattern, the fewer distractions you will have when working from home and as a result, you will stop procrastinating. After all, people postpone activities, for fear of failure, because they are not confident in dealing with something, so the more convinced of your success you are, the more your determination to complete.

4 – Personal Responsibility

skills 3371153 640When you increase your responsibility and assume your results head-on, at this moment you are at the tipping point, to leave a life of procrastination, lack of strength to carry out your activities, dissatisfaction, and enter another reality where you start taking responsibility for the facts, you become aware of your mistakes and you start to set new plans so you don’t make mistakes again at the same point.

With personal responsibility, there is also more compassion towards others, you understand that each person is going through an evolutionary process, but that they also need to take charge of their own lives, instead of having pity you start to see the potential of each person, because just as you can tame your will, to improve your thinking pattern, you are also able to increase your responsibility and create what you want to live.

Do your Best and Increase Your Productivity

Like you, our company also developed an action plan so that the team could work from home, whenever there was an emergency, and so that our customers do not feel the impact. The strategies shared in this article have helped exceptionally in personal and team performance, after all, they are strategies that you can take for your company and personal life.

At DSpot Sp. z o.o., we are developing tools which would speed up the creation of the next generation projects. If you would like know us better, please feel free to contact us.

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